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Dynamo for Revit—Exploring the Data Between the Links
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We’ve all heard a lot lately about the Dynamo extension and Revit software. We can’t read a blog or go to a conference without someone mentioning this new and exciting tool. We’ve been told it can help us with geometry. We’ve been told it can speed up repetitive tasks. Come see some practical uses of the Dynamo extension and how it can expand the data in your model. Take a look at how we can use it to pass information between linked files, talk to Microsoft Excel, and finally automate those day-to-day tasks. This session features Revit. AIA Approved

Key Learnings

  • Learn how to identify practical uses for Revit and Dynamo in the manipulation of project data
  • Learn how to diagram a basic workflow for gathering data from linked model files
  • Learn how to develop a small script for copying information between architectural rooms and MEP spaces
  • Learn how to develop a small script for performing information updates on a collection of elements


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