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Dynamo for Contractors: Practical Applications with Dynamo for Revit for Contractors

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    Extracting data from Revit software and changing existing data within Revit models is exactly what contractors need, and Dynamo software is perfect for these types of jobs. For example, if you want to determine the bottom and side areas of a ramp for formwork calculations, it’s easy to do in Dynamo software. Do you want to split up floor slabs based on pour joints? Or perhaps you need to export all those adaptive component points out to Microsoft Excel? Well, you can also do those tasks with Dynamo software. Take this class and you’ll learn how to create Dynamo software graphs to perform these and many other practical tasks that are perfect for your office. Design professionals are also welcome to attend this class. Dynamo software experience is not required but Revit software experience is required.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn to program in Dynamo to extract data from Revit models for construction applications
    • Learn to program in Dynamo to modify Revit models for construction
    • Learn to program in Dynamo to create automated workflows within Revit for contractors
    • Learn to read and write Revit model data to Excel