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Don't Propose a Building Information Modeling Initiative— Launch a Performance Initiative
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Decisions about when and how to apply Building Information Modeling (BIM) are often made by people who insist that BIM is too expensive and too disruptive—people who don't or won't acknowledge the potential lifecycle value of a BIM environment. It's time for you to think like an executive and unify your internal and project teams, set project performance goals, and derive predictive metrics that are proven to correlate with project success and better executive decisions. This class provides a research-based approach to improve team results, based on 19 key BIM performance metrics. You will learn the stepping-stones to BIM maturity, and we will demonstrate methods you can use to motivate, such as reporting on BIM quality, reporting on stakeholder responsiveness, and reporting on threats to productivity. You will learn how to use metrics to inform decisions and drive improvement, and you will develop a performance-based initiative that measures and proves results. Help and motivate your team to see BIM as a vital ingredient for triumph in your organization.

Key Learnings

  • Understand the financial benefits of using BIM across a project
  • Discover the key stepping-stones to BIM maturity
  • Learn how to create a performance initiative for your project
  • Learn how to motivate your team to adopt BIM practices for better performance



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