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A Discussion on the Diversity Problem in the AEC Industry

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    In the United States, the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) industry has historically had issues with diversity in every sense of the word. Why is this? What can be done to be more inclusive and welcoming to all people? In this roundtable, we will build upon topics discussed in last year’s Women in BIM panel, continuing to identify some root causes of this disparity and discuss strategies that we can all use to both advocate for ourselves and others. Discussion topics may include: What groups are historically underrepresented in the AEC industry and why? What strategies have worked for you to get you where you are? Have others helped you get where you are? If so, in what ways? What are ways to get out of our comfort zones? Where can we find support in our communities? What strategies can we start employing NOW to be more inclusive in our hiring practices and to shift our collective view? How can we actively encourage and nurture the next generation to pursue careers in the AEC industry? To help prepare for this session, a survey was created and shared online to collect information about current diversity in the AEC Industry. This survey was used to inform the discussion questions. To find out more, respond to the survey, and access the questions beforehand, please visit or my twitter account @BIMchiq for a live link.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover where issues exist and find ways to become an advocate for yourself and others.
    • Discover strategies to become more inclusive in our hiring and collaboration practices.
    • Learn how to recognize unconscious bias and learn strategies to begin to overcome it.
    • Gain the support of others in this struggle, and build a network of people working to create a more inclusive environment.