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Digitizing Your Real Estate Portfolio with a Focus on Decarbonization and Reusing Material

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    Real estate and infrastructure are facing high pressure to reduce CO2 and waste. This class will demonstrate how to digitize existing real estate or infrastructure portfolios with a focus on decarbonization and reuse of material. The class will cover how to find out the CO2 footprint of a current portfolio, how to capture material, and how to use it as a material mine and bring it into a circle, as natural resources like sand and water are limited and shrinking drastically. The class will present a real example involving the Swiss Army based on other examples of relevant real estate owners in Switzerland. Digital twins are crucial in this context to the very precise and reliable capture and analysis of the data, and they help accelerate decisions and implementation, accelerate time to market, and ultimately lead to even more revenue for the owners. Technology showcased will be Revit software, Autodesk Tandem, InfraWorks software, and Autodesk Construction Cloud.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to find out the C02 footprint of a current portfolio.
    • Learn how to capture material and use it as a material mine.
    • Learn why bringing these resources into a circle is important.
    • Learn how digital twins help in this context to accelerate time to market and ultimately lead to more revenue.