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Digitize your R&D Process Chain with Fusion 360: An Industrial Case Study

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    In this course you will get an insight how Fusion 360 can be enhanced to promote a fast-paced and agile development approach. Using custom-made scripts, Fusion 360 is extended into a seamless digital process chain, starting from 3D scanned imprints, over automated ordering tools using Python, leading to instructional CAD animations. By providing insights from an industrial case study, the opportunities and challenges of those digital tools and processes are discussed. The case study is based on recent development projects from ALPA of Switzerland, which develops cameras for film and photo professionals using additive manufacturing (AM) in collaboration with ETH Zurich & Inspire AG. By attending this class, you will learn how AM and a cloud-based digital process chain built around Fusion 360 enable traditional firms like ALPA to offer customers highly customized products. The following video gives an overview how ALPA takes its product development to the digital age with the help of Fusion 360:

    Key Learnings

    • Get insight into how Fusion 360 can be extended into a seamless digital process chain
    • Learn about the opportunities and challenges faced when developing additively manufactured products
    • Discover best practices for designing digital process chains
    • Learn how Python scripts can be used to enhance the functionality of Fusion 360