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Digital Twin for Building Owners 2021: Optimizing Data and Delivery

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    When this digital twin journey was first shared by Brandon Wlosinski (Walt Disney Parks and Resorts—WDPR) and Dorian Chau (Autodesk) at Autodesk University 2020 as a roundtable discussion on digital twins for building owners, it focused on objectives, value, and vision. This year, the speakers are expanding the session into in a panel discussion to include Ken Kurihara from WDPR; Bill Kwon, VP of Digital at CRTKL, and Bob Bray, Autodesk Tandem GM, as well as invited enterprise business leaders. The panelists will share their experiences with industry challenges involving the optimization of project data for digital handover and other digital twin use cases. Digital twin practices have gained momentum in the building industry in the past year, and we will discuss the impact on and value to the businesses and changes in management approaches. Our panelists will share their perspectives on why digital twins are important from both the owners’ and consultants’ perspectives with digital handover, smart operations, and greater building insights.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn about digital twin strategy
    • Discover the business values for digital twins
    • Discover digital twin use cases
    • Discover the benefits of a digital handover