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Digital Fabrication Workflows

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    In this hands-on lab, you experience a workflow that could be applied to a weekend project or a large scale construction effort. Using ReCap™ in the cloud, you record a complex as-built condition using photos/photogrammetry and generate a 3D Model. Autodesk® FormIt™ and Autodesk® Vasari, which allow quick prototyping of complex design ideas, are used to simulate and visualize a variety of options for a sculptural wall installation. The Adaptive Components feature of FormIt and Vasari is used to create a beautiful tiling pattern and generate an ACIS solid object. The resulting object is exported to 123D® Make software where it is prepared for fabrication with 3D printing for prototyping and CNC router and laser cutter for final installation. We provide examples and worksets along with visuals from actual projects by UC Berkeley graduate architecture student Alexandra Fenton and Autodesk Program Manager Michael Bergin.

    Key Learnings

    • Use ReCap in the cloud to capture as-built conditions for a small installation project
    • Create a sculptural surface using FormIt and Vasari software to match as-built conditions
    • Apply the adaptive components feature of FormIt to design a 3-dimensional pattern family
    • Use 123D Make to create digital fabrication information to send to a 3D printer, CNC router, or laser cutter