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Design, Simulate, and Prototype: The AU Factory Experience

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    Before attending this class, we recommend visiting and participating in the Autodesk Factory Experience on the exhibition floor. Prototyping while developing a new product design is critical to ensure delivery of higher-quality parts to market. This step in the product design cycle is, however, typically time-consuming and costly through iterating and purchasing/making individual parts. This is why many product designers have already turned primarily to digital prototyping rather than physical prototyping, so they can ensure on-time product delivery that doesn't break the bank. This class will focus on how you can utilize Fusion 360 and its extensions for digital prototyping, focusing on an Autodesk Factory assembly product. Consumer electronics is a fast-moving segment, where time and collaboration is critical to be ahead of the competition. We'll demonstrate how to effectively experiment with product design alternatives, collaborate with key project stakeholders, test layouts for PCB, simulate structural and manufacturing aspects, and render final product previews, all within Fusion 360.

    Key Learnings

    • Implement Fusion 360 workflows that can save time during the product design cycle
    • Communicate and assess status of design progress between stakeholders using Fusion 360.
    • Identify strategies to reduce design iterations and PCB respins.
    • Validate product design assemblies with simulation and rendering opportunities.