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Lecture    FB2938
Design to Fabrication: Design, Validate, and Fabricate Anything Between Revit and Inventor
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As a design-to-fabrication subject matter expert (SME), I get requests twice a week on average from around the world, asking if and how Revit-based software and Inventor software work together, with the most challenging workflow being curtain wall design, fabrication, and installation. In the 2014 release of these products, Autodesk has added technology that vastly improves that workflow. We look at how to use Revit and Inventor together, regardless of which product the design starts in, and we cover all the ways that you can fabricate from either of these products while sharing data back and forth along the way to validate and/or change design intent. We use real-life situations in class as examples, including curtain wall design and concrete formwork, and I encourage participants to bring their own challenges to class for us to tackle together.

Key Learnings

  • Use Revit for fabrication and Inventor for translating Inventor files for Revit consumption
  • Repurpose Revit for direct CNC fabrication, and use Inventor to consume Revit files
  • Master all the ways Revit and Inventor can work together to share and translate design data for validation
  • Design and/or fabricate directly in and/or from either Revit or Inventor


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