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Design for Digital Manufacturing (DfDM): Focused on Additive Manufacturing (DfAM)

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    This seminar will cover design for digital manufacturing (DfDM) with a focus on additive manufacturing (DfAM). Capitalizing on the learnings from more than 1,000 projects posted on the You3Dit marketplace, we’ll walk our attendees through a DfAM process for translating customer needs into a design optimized for additive manufacturing, enabling performance, process, and product breakthroughs. We will describe high-level DfDM implications for common digital manufacturing tools, such as laser cutters, computer numerical control (CNC) machines, waterjet, and more. We will describe the overall DfDM process in the context of Fusion 360 software and how that workflow is optimized to support DfAM and other digital manufacturing technologies. Lastly, as a group we’ll create a set of design rules related to a new and powerful manufacturing process: “X.” The class will last 60 minutes, including 15 minutes at the end for questions and answers.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to execute a high-level process to DfAM
    • Discover and learn how to capitalize on the full range of benefits brought about by AM processes
    • Learn how to utilize Fusion 360 features that enable and streamline DfDM processes
    • Learn how to capitalize on the DfAM process to generate design rules for other manufacturing technologies (DfX)