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Deep Dive into the View and Data Client-Side API
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The View and Data API enables you to create custom web applications that enable your customers to visualize and interact with 2D and 3D design data in a web browser or on a mobile device, anytime, anywhere. The View and Data API supports over 70 file formats to bring you stunning, detailed, high-fidelity visualizations of models. This class will focus on the client-side JavaScript API that enables you to highly customize the behavior of your browser-based viewing applications. We will take you to a journey where the only limitation you can hit is your imagination. We will go through the most exciting samples we’ve been working on for a year, illustrating how to integrate the technology with your company database, overlay 2D and 3D graphics to build first-class commands, animate camera to create stunning visuals during your demonstrations, or even how to bring solid bodies into life by interfacing the viewer with physic modeling libraries… all of it happening right within your browser experience! See this AU expert’s work in the gallery

Key Learnings

  • Achieve a highly customized look and behavior by using the ready-to-use JavaScript API of the viewer
  • Learn how to overlay 2D and 3D graphics inside the viewer to create powerful commands
  • Learn how to capitalize on built-in capabilities without limit using third-party or custom libraries
  • Learn how to integrate View and Data API within your own database systems



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