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Decarbonization and Digital Transformation Will Drive AEC Sustainable Growth

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    In this industry talk, we explore the intersection of digital evolution and the imperative of decarbonization in the AEC sector. Join Shivani Soni, Global Head of Impact & Innovation at Symetri; Jan Tore Bugge, Global Naviate Product Manager at Symetri; and Ron Locklin, Global Lead of Sustainability Platform at Autodesk. Symetri, a global Autodesk partner, plays a pivotal role in advancing sustainable growth in AEC, with a strong footprint in America and Europe, prompting an exploration journey. Throughout this talk, we offer a comprehensive perspective on our sustainability approach, where innovation and action converge. Uncover the transformative potential of collaboration and gain insights into the strategic integration of cutting-edge technology via our ecosystem. Our mission is to illustrate how these elements collectively reshape our industry. This discussion delves into how innovation, proactive measures, and collaboration steer our industry towards lasting change. Join us on this transformative journey.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn about decarbonization.
    • Discover levers to minimize carbon footprint.
    • Explore what digital transformation is in the context of sustainability.
    • Join the ecosystem of sustainability partners of Autodesk and Symetri.