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Daily Dynamo: Innovative Solutions to Everyday Structural Problems

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    The Dynamo extension is exciting, and the examples of its capabilities are awe inspiring, but are they practical in a real-world structural workflow? When an engineer creates a Dynamo script that resembles a bowl of spaghetti but will create some elaborate structure, is that practical and useful on a daily basis? While the farfetched and futuristic capabilities are exciting for probably 1% of projects, are they applicable to the other 99%? This session will focus on the other 99%. Due to the perception that it is only good for the crazy stuff, many structural engineers have not explored the Dynamo extension. Instead of ignoring a fantastic technology, engineers should learn ways to utilize Dynamo. This roundtable will offer an environment for structural engineers to share ideas for utilizing Dynamo to create innovative solutions to real-world, everyday problems. Note: This roundtable was created with structural engineers in mind, but all disciplines are welcome to come share practical applications of Dynamo extension. This session features Dynamo Studio, Revit, and Revit Structure.

    Key Learnings

    • Share practical applications of Dynamo
    • Discuss ways to utilize Dynamo to solve everyday problems
    • Learn how to incorporate Dynamo into daily workflows
    • Discuss how structural engineers are using Dynamo