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Lecture    AC4971
Customizing AutoCAD 2015 for Designers and Engineers
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Customization is a key feature in AutoCAD software that makes it different from any other CAD tool on the market. Configuring user interface, modifying the files within AutoCAD software can greatly improve productivity when using AutoCAD software. By customizing AutoCAD software, a user can streamline different product workflows and enable creation of new ones that can improve the company works. The workflows might range from importing styles and layers into AutoCAD software to extracting information from AutoCAD software into a database. If you created blocks in AutoCAD software, chances are that you have already understood some of the customization features in AutoCAD software. However, we will cover some intermediate and advanced customization techniques in AutoCAD software that can greatly impact your productivity and enable you as a power AutoCAD software user in customization space. When you start your next project, chances are that you will tend to customize AutoCAD software and enhance your design or drafting workflow.

Key Learnings

  • Learn how to customize user interface, profiles, workspace, and tool palettes
  • Learn how to create scripts, action macros, and Dynamic Blocks
  • Learn how to customize main and enterprise CUIx files and create new line type and hatch patterns
  • Learn to automate repetitive tasks and quickly create company standards


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