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Lecture    CD5660
Cross-Product Collaboration: Design and Analysis of a Composite Motorcycle Swingarm
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Every design and analysis project contains a unique set of challenges that often necessitate a clever workflow utilizing many different pieces of software. In this class we will discuss how Autodesk, Inc., products were used in the design and analysis of a composite swingarm for an electric motorcycle. In particular, you will learn how the Fusion 360 app, Simulation Composite Analysis software, Autodesk 360 cloud-computing platform, and a labs project called Arro are enabling the Design and Analysis Team to digitally prototype this advanced swingarm.

Key Learnings

  • Gain an appreciation for the wide range of Digital Prototyping tools offered by Autodesk
  • Discover how different Autodesk products can be combined to solve unique projects
  • Discover how the cloud facilitates collaboration
  • Discover Autodesk products that you may not be aware of


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