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Cross-Platform Unitized Curtain Wall

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    The curtain wall tool is one of the most powerful features in Revit. When it’s done right, it can drive efficiency from design to contract administration. Façade design inherently lends itself to modularity and repeatability—which makes the scope of building envelopes the ideal testing ground for new techniques in parametric design, as well as design computation. Thinking about and modeling modular elements in a manner similar to the way they'll ultimately be fabricated not only makes the documentation process smoother, but also educates young architects as they design. At NBBJ we've developed an ecosystem of tools and processes to make curtain wall design an easier and more nimble process. We recognize that designers prefer a variety of tools and that different software have different strengths. In this presentation, we'll demonstrate strategies and tools we use to create parity and enable interoperability between the programs we use for façade design.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to create a reusable curtain wall rig with standardized parameters
    • Learn how to build schedulable and tag-able assets into your curtain wall design
    • Learn how to automate the instantiation of complex curtain wall modules in Revit using Dynamo-based data and data from cross-platform design models
    • Learn different cross-platform design strategies to prepare for interoperability from day one