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Creating Procedural Entourage with Max Creation Graph in 3ds Max 2016
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Procedural techniques for embellishing designs with entourage can save you time by enabling you to more quickly experiment and iterate on your visualization. In this session you will learn new tools and techniques for creating and placing content procedurally in 3ds Max 2016 software. We will present a free set of procedural tools created using the Max Creation Graph editor in 3ds Max software. You will learn how we created these tools using Max Creation Graph and how you can modify them using the Max Creation Graph node editor to address your custom visualization needs. The architect of Max Creation Graph—Christopher Diggins—and the product designer—Martin Coven—will offer this class.

Key Learnings

  • Learn how to use 3ds Max to create and place entourage in a scene procedurally
  • Learn how to install and use a Max Creation Graph tool
  • Learn how to open and edit a Max Creation Graph in the node editor
  • Learn how to create a new procedural Max Creation Graph tool from scratch




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