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Beyond Massing Models: Procedural Techniques for Better Master-Plan Renders

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    Visualizing masterplans with many buildings can be a time-consuming task, often leading to the use of massing volumes well beyond early design stages. However, as a project progresses, you don't have to compromise on quality. Discover the potential of procedural modeling and texturing techniques to improve your masterplan renders. This presentation will combine 3ds Max 2024 software's latest features with RailClone and Forest Pack, enabling new, efficient, procedural modeling approaches. Learn how to visualize hundreds of buildings that can be effortlessly updated, customized, and refined for a highly optimized workflow. A compelling masterplan visualization involves more than buildings. We will delve into procedural methods for incorporating elements such as pavements, street furniture, lighting, and road markings. The session will conclude with tips on how to add large numbers of realistic trees, plants, vehicles, people, and other essential elements automatically and with minimal effort.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to design procedural masterplan buildings that evolve as a project progresses.
    • Learn how to add infrastructure and hardscaping elements using parametric tools.
    • Learn how to scatter and render realistic vegetation efficiently and on a massive scale.
    • Learn how to communicate masterplan designs to key stakeholders using photorealistic rendering.