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Cranking into the Future of Making Things with CXP Racing

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    This class will cover 3D modelling for design intent, design ideation, generative design, simulation, rendering, and CAM workflows. Bruno Pfister contacted CADPRO Systems in 2015 to find out about a product called Fusion 360, wondering if it could help him to develop CAM programs for his brand-new Haas computer numerical control (CNC) machine. His goal was to design and manufacture BMX components for New Zealand's competitive grassroots and professional BMXers. This class tells his story about the development of cranks and chain rings used at various international events including the 2016 BMX World Championships in Columbia.

    Key Learnings

    • Understand the potential of the product innovation platform
    • Learn how to use various toolsets at your disposal to create, validate, and manufacture your own products locally
    • Gain some insight into building unique and customizable parametric models, for both design and manufacture
    • Understand how upfront design simulation with Fusion 360 can create differentiation for your company in a competitive market