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Control Your Code: Introduction to Source Control for Programmers and CAD Managers

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    Do you write code in any language (LISP, C#, JavaScript, and so on)? Do you work in a programming team or solo? Do you wish you had a way to compare today's version of the code to what you or someone else wrote several weeks or months ago? Do you ever make a coding mistake and wish you could easily revert back? Is your code backed up? In this class, we'll explore how to get started with source control software, no matter what language you currently program in. Whether you're a CAD manager who infrequently dabbles in LISP code; a newbie .NET programmer trying to write your first plug-in for AutoCAD software, Revit software, or 3ds Max software; or a full-time web developer, you can benefit from this class. We'll look at how to set up code repositories for LISP or .NET code (or any other code, for that matter), check out repositories, update and commit code changes, compare to previous versions, roll back to previous versions, and more.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to create a repository for code projects
    • Learn how to commit code and resolve conflicts
    • Learn how to compare previous versions of files to see changes
    • Learn how to create and merge branches while maintaining working code