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Construction site management with advanced workflow in Construction Cloud

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    This session is a follow-up of the class presented last year about the “Virtual construction site management with advanced workflow in BIM360” (CS468465). We will describe the improvements made this year through the adoption of the Build module including the PlanGrid Build mobile app for field workers. We’ve been widely extending the use of Construction Cloud with digitalization of other construction processes in addition of those already implemented. We are focusing our attention on setting up a workflow for safety and environmental check in the work site.Using Forge and Construction Cloud Connect, we are developing integration with other company database and Legacy IT systems, to avoid data redundancy and to build up integrated dashboards. In upcoming years we will be able to manage and improve the construction process of linear infrastructure projects with ConstructionCloud in order to improve data quality, reduce costs and time by 60%, reduce wastefulness and promote sustainability

    Key Learnings

    • Set up workflows to manage railway’s construction sites with Construction Cloud
    • Develope integration with other Legacy systems with Construction Cloud Connect and Forge
    • Develope dashboards extracting data from Construction Cloud and other systems (for example Microsoft Power BI)
    • Migrate data from BIM360 Docs and field to Build