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Roundtable    CO5681-R
Construction Layout and Automation: Are You Maximizing Your Investment?
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Automated machine guidance (AMG) paving has become a game changer in terms of construction quality, efficiency, and, perhaps most importantly, safety. In a round-table discussion, contractors will talk about how they maximize their investments in AMG and Rover hardware and 3D models. Construction Automation involves a large investment in hardware and training, as well as a steep learning curve, as AMG systems are added to new types of equipment. What is the typical project type to achieve a meaningful return? How can you create models that are appropriate for multiple operations? How can you educate owners and designers so that they create and share the data that you need? How can you sell management on the need for investing in AMG? What challenges have you faced in your AMG journey and how did you overcome them? If you're a contractor or owner who is experienced with or new to AMG, join the conversation and optimize your workflow.

Key Learnings

  • Discuss the relative learning times for GPS and Robotic Total Station systems and different equipment types
  • Discover the modeling investment to support AMG operations and workflows to maximize the investment
  • Learn how to identify the broader benefits of implementing AMG for excavation, fine grading, and paving, especially safety
  • Discuss the most common challenges in implementing AMG and strategies for overcoming them



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