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Connecting the National CAD and BIM Standards

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    The National Building Information Modeling Standard (NBIMS) doesn't attempt to define graphical standards so the United States National CAD Standard (NCS) remains the standard for the foreseeable future. The NCS still applies because much of the output from BIM is still printed drawings and CAD exports. Which standard applies to what? Where should those transitioning from a CAD to BIM environment look within these standards for guidance? A BIM module is being developed to interconnect the National CAD Standard and the National BIM Standard to address these questions and more. This roundtable discussion gives attendees the opportunity to provide input that shapes a BIM module within the National CAD Standard to interconnect the standards. Attendees also gain knowledge on how to get involved in future development of the standards.

    Key Learnings

    • Describe how the various national standards currently interconnect
    • Provide input for development of new NCS BIM module
    • Explain how to get involved in the development of national standards
    • Quickly locate national standards resources for BIM projects