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Connect Desktop and Cloud: Analyze, Visualize, and Report Universal Component Usage

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    We will describe the nitty-gritty programming details to implement a cloud-based system to analyze, visualize, and report on universal component usage. The components can be Revit software families used in Building Information Modeling (BIM) or any other kind of assets in any other kind of system. The focus is on the cloud-based database used to manage the component occurrences, either in global or project-based coordinate systems. You can make searches based on both keywords and geographical location. Models are visualized using pure WebGL, Three.js, and the Autodesk View and Data API, providing support for online viewing and model navigation. You can use the web app in any browser and on any mobile device with no need to install any additional software whatsoever. This is an advanced class for experienced programmers.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to connect desktop application with cloud and mobile apps
    • Learn how to architect a completely portable cloud-based data repository, geometry viewer, and navigator
    • Demonstrate use of nodejs, WebGL and the View and Data API
    • Learn how to implement a basis for a generic universal component usage analysis, visualization, and reporting app