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Conceptual Shoe Design Using Alias, Dynamo, and VRED

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    This one-hour demo will show the design of a track shoe from sketch to render. We will show the process of sketching in Sketchbook and bringing the work into Alias software. Once in Alias, we’ll compare NURBS modeling workflows and how the new Subdivision modeling in Alias 2020 is better suited for concept modeling. The main portion of the demo revolves around how Dynamo, Sketchbook, and Alias work together to help designers ideate procedurally designed tread for the soles. Once the sole is complete, the shoe is brought into VRED software to create photorealistic marketing-level renderings.

    Key Learnings

    • Recognize the steps involved in the conceptual design process and the Autodesk tools involved
    • Learn how to differentiate between NURBS and Subdivision modeling workflows inside of Alias
    • Learn about the benefits of Dynamo inside of Alias for procedural creation in the industrial design process
    • Learn about the benefits of rapid visualization techniques found in VRED