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Instructional Demo / Las Vegas 2016
Integration of Textiles in Fusion 360
Have you ever tried to model a t-shirt in 3D CAD?  Probably not. It’s seems simple enough, sure, but go try it. Then come take this AU class. Traditionally, textile design (clothing, apparel, soft goods, etc) represents some of the most complex and intricate cad projects anyone could possibly attempt. First, humans are super difficult to model. Then there’s the actual task of modeling garment layers over top of that model. Finally, when you’re done you’re then rewarded with figuring out what the 3D image actually looks like as a flat pattern. It’s been no wonder that for years textile design has remained analog black magic and digital 3d cad was relegated to nice-to-have visualization exercises.

No more!

In this class Fusion user Bill Dieter uses Fusion 360 to actually design soft goods. Bill is a renowned textile industrial designer based in Portland, Oregon who is the President of Terrazign Inc. His product design firm has created innovative solutions for athletes and astronauts (and everyone else in-between) for the last twenty years. Bill has worked with the Fusion team to develop a technique to design garments which combines Fusion 360’s direct and sculpting tools with tactical use of human scan data converted from Autodesk Remake, flat pattern creation technology using 3rd party flattening tool ExactFlat, and finalizing his physical prototypes with perfectly sized mannequins created with the rapid prototyping tool Autodesk 123D Make. The class will cover several real examples that emphasize both the high level process along with various in product cad tips and tricks which he relies upon.
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