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Complex Modeling and Analysis Using Robot Structural Analysis and the API

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    This class will show you how to use the Robot Structural Analysis software's comprehensive API to simulate complex structural problems and thus improve efficiency and provide feedback loops. We will review several examples where the API has been used to link Robot Structural Analysis software to other software in order to speed up model generation and help create complicated geometry models with a high level of accuracy. We will show you tips, tricks, and effective practices for generating models that run efficiently, and you will discover how to use the API to extract results in order to provide optimization feedback loops. We will also show you how to use such functions as Result Query and Cache in Microsoft Visual Basic to access data within Robot Structural Analysis software. We will use at least 1 example of this type of workflow to demonstrate how quickly you can create scripts to link software such as Grasshopper to Robot Structural Analysis software, and then continue through to Revit software to produce project documentation and images.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover the benefits and efficiencies that can result from using customized access to control Robot Structural Analysis software using the API
    • Understand the concept of structural optimization using feedback loops between Robot Structural Analysis software and parametric scripts
    • Gain some detailed knowledge of advanced API methods, such as using Result Query to improve data access times
    • Gain beginning knowledge of how to connect Robot Structural Analysis to other software using a simple example in visual basic language