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Complete Workflow for 3D Scanning of Large Plants (over 20,000 square meters)

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    This class will explore the implementation of an efficient workflow for 3D scanning of large plants. From laser scanning at the field until a point cloud, which can be combined with a 2D layout and 3D models, our scan projects count regularly more than 100 scans. After the scans are taken, the scans are removed from noise and then divided in layers according to the flow sheet. The buildings are also on a separate layer and divided into roof, walls, and floor. These scans are then combined in Navisworks software with a 3D model of a new line generated at our company. The 3D models are made with Inventor software. A 2D layout, which we receive from the customer, is also attached. This workflow has been improved on a lot since the start, and this is what we want to teach in this class. Recently we purchased a drone to capture photos at places that are not reachable for our scanner (for example, ducting on a roof). A 3D point cloud can then be derived from those photos and combined with the laser scan point cloud This session features ReCap, Inventor Professional, and Navisworks Manage.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn about laser scanning at the field
    • Learn about photogrammetry with drone
    • Learn how to process large scanning projects
    • Learn how to combine scans with 2D layout and 3D models in Navisworks