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The Complete Utility Infrastructure Solution

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    This lecture will give an overview and demonstration of the complete Infrastructure software platform Solution for electric utilities. The presentation will showcase the solution implemented at Grant Public Utility District. In this class you will learn how utilities capitalize on Infrastructure software applications seamlessly in many phases of the business, from engineering to design to operations and beyond. Industry models in AutoCAD Map 3D software, AutoCAD Utility Design software, and Infrastructure Map Server software have been put to work to implement a complete integrated solution capitalizing on Autodesk Global Services consulting offerings for fiber management and field computing. The solution includes construction design, mapping, maintenance and field operations, and integration with in-house systems such as engineering analysis, CIS, and finance. The presentation will provide detailed examples and discussion of each major component of the system and a live demonstration.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how Autodesk products can be implemented for a complete enterprise solution
    • Learn the benefits of using AutoCAD Map 3D with industry models as an enterprise GIS
    • Learn how utilities can efficiently design construction using AutoCAD Utility Design integrated with AutoCAD Map 3D industry models
    • Learn the benefits of engaging Autodesk Global Services for implementing enterprise solutions