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Code Blue, Dr. Revit!-How to Resuscitate Corrupt Revit Models

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    Is your Revit model corrupt or causing crashes? Is the team unable to work and is losing productivity? Increase your team's efficiency by gaining expertise for diagnosing the root cause of the issue-whether it's the model, the user, or the computer-and resolve the issue fast. This involves understanding various error messages, recognizing different types of data corruption and their sources, repairing or recovering corrupt Revit models, and learning best practices to minimize file corruption. We'll go over analyzing the computer when Revit crashes or the model gets corrupted. You'll gain a better understanding of the Revit backup procedures, as well as how to locate and restore the most current backup model. We'll arm you with the knowledge and the tools required to analyze and identify issues using the journal files and slog files. Finally, we'll review best practices for reducing the incidence of model corruption.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to triage a corrupt Revit model
    • Learn how to parse the journal and slog files for diagnosis
    • Learn how to resuscitate a corrupt Revit model
    • Learn best practices to minimize file corruption