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Cloud Surfing: Are You Flying on the Cloud or Crashing to the Earth?

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    Hey you...get off of my cloud! We all need to share information, but how do we unify the tools to get us all onto the same page? The cloud offers an excellent opportunity to share information quickly and accurately, but which platform do you choose? With so many cloud collaboration tools suited to different industries, how do you choose a tool that allows for easy data sharing? How do you track changes once the information is shared? How do you keep the attachments out of email systems while making the data available through email links? How do you quickly and easily track compliance, revisions, and updates within your projects? Bring your ideas and tips to share with others in this roundtable session as we discuss ways to make our lives easier through commonly available cloud collaboration tools and methods to standardize cloud-based offerings. After all, companies can't build products if they don't know what we want, and especially if we don't know what we want!

    Key Learnings

    • Select or advise on a best approach to cloud-based collaboration
    • Select or advise on a cloud-based collaboration platform
    • Identify internal corporate needs for external data collaboration
    • Discuss security concerns with regard to cloud-based data sharing and management