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Cloud Rendering using Google Zync

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    Two things continue to be true in visual effects and rendering projects: schedules fluctuate, and the effort to get to final remains impossible to predict. This is where ZYNC was born: from the rendering pipelines of real studios, enabling small creative teams to focus on creativity rather than infrastructure. Using native Maya plugins and built-in licensing for today's most powerful rendering software, ZYNC lets studios burst their rendering to the cloud when they need it most. ZYNC has been the go-to rendering solutions for over a dozen feature films and hundreds of commercials, totaling over 50 million core rendering hours. This course will show how small-to-midsize facilities can leverage the power of Google Cloud Platform to render their most complex, CPU-intensive jobs on ZYNC.

    Key Learnings

    • Understand the scale of Google Cloud Platform and the render power available to the individual.
    • Gain in-depth knowledge of how ZYNC functions, how to launch, monitor, and manage jobs.
    • Learn how to manage and reduce your usage costs.
    • Learn the ease of setup and implementation of ZYNC into your facility's render pipeline.