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Cloud-Based Design Review in High-Quality Real-Time Rendering

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    Access, view, and interact live with 3D data sets in the cloud (using the VRED Stream app to share 3D models over the web). This class will show you how you can visualize complex 3D data sets in photorealistic quality on any device, while giving real-time access to all configurations and collaborating with colleagues and customers. VRED technology enables you to stream CAD real-time content from the Amazon cloud to the user. We are looking forward to showing you how to set up the infrastructure and how to access and interact with 3D models with a scalable number of users.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to provide easy access to high-quality collaboration sessions from everywhere.
    • Learn how to maintain 3D configuration systems with more flexibility and scalability and less effort.
    • Learn how you can stream 3D models to any device (iPad, tablet, and more).
    • Learn how to use cloud resources to host your 3D models and make them accessible.