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Civil and Survey Workflows Utilizing the Architecture, Engineering & Construction Collection

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    Seasoned Autodesk users may have routines and processes that have served them well in the past. This class will provide a modern perspective of legacy workflows that still are crucial parts of day-to-day civil/survey consulting processes, proposals, and workflows. Take advantage of the tools provided with the Architecture, Engineering & Construction Collection, and relearn previous workflows that may have changed in recent releases of Civil 3D software, AutoCAD Map 3D software, ReCap software, and other tools.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to incorporate record map electronic data from government agencies into your base-mapping efforts, for example, County DGN files
    • Learn how to locate, download, and selectively import FEMA flood map information so coordinate systems match and data sets are manageable
    • Learn how to utilize available point cloud data, classify it (isolate ground points from other points), and generate a Civil 3D surface from the points
    • Learn how to use the GEOMAP command in Civil 3D to aid in preliminary efforts and provide context to smaller sites