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Challenges of Bridge Design and Detailing in Revit
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This class will cover the topic of bridge modeling, detailing, and analysis in Revit software. Designers can create a bridge using axis alignment parameters and assign a parameterized cross section. Substructure components, such as piers and abutments, are constructed as Revit families and placed in the project with reference to the axis. The user has direct access to the bridge’s and axis’s information. Modifications of the structure parameters are immediately implemented in the project. With the data already defined, an analytical model can be generated, and detailed analysis and design of the structure can be performed. Reinforcement and prestressing cables are modeled according to the bridge axis and adjusted in anchorage zones. Detailers can automatically create section views and place dimensions, as well as annotations.

Key Learnings

  • Learn how to create a geometric and analytical bridge model
  • Learn how to model and detail 3D rebars and prestressing for infrastructure projects
  • Learn how to manage the coordinates and position of a bridge in Revit
  • Learn how to create plans and documentation of the project


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