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Roundtable    GS2421-R
Case Study: 3D Conceptual Design and Analysis with InfraWorks at Okaloosa Gas
Autodesk University
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In this roundtable session, we discuss how Okaloosa Gas uses InfraWorks software for 3D visualization, conceptual design, and analysis. We present some of the business problems that any gas utility faces and explain how InfraWorks is helping to solve them, driving extra value and benefit from more efficient workflows. We demonstrate how your existing 2D CAD and GIS data can be easily converted into 3D and how to incorporate other data sources, such as LIDAR and bore hole data. We use case studies to explain how the software was used to analyze impacts on the utility from a planned bridge infrastructure project. The objective of this session is to enable you to incorporate 3D modeling and to optimize your workflows based on the lessons learned at Okaloosa Gas.

Key Learnings

  • Describe how InfraWorks is being used at Okaloosa Gas for 3D visualization, conceptual design, and analysis
  • Use your existing 2D data to create a 3D model and generate more value
  • Use InfraWorks to assess impact to the utility from local infrastructure changes
  • List new capabilities and benefits from using InfraWorks instead of 2D data



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