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COBie: What, Who, When, and How
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COBie is becoming a standard deliverable requirement on many projects. Adding the COBie process to your project should not require extra work, however. With some standard quality-assurance efforts, the COBie spreadsheets should essentially fill themselves in. COBie is used to ensure that essential content is accounted for by loading a series of parameters into a Revit project. These parameters are filled in automatically as you progress with your work. COBie pulls in information such as room names, floor levels, MEP (mechanical, electrical, and plumbing) system names, and equipment designations. At any point, the parameters can be exported to schedules or other spreadsheets and reviewed to ensure that all content is accounted for.

Key Learnings

  • Gain a better understanding of COBie
  • Learn the what, who, when, and how involved in applying COBie to your project
  • Hear from your peers about their experiences with COBie
  • Learn about tools that can help you manage your COBie deliverable


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