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CFD + Energy: Integrated Optimization

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    Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) is a critical simulation tool for sustainability. By integrating CFD into the broader energy-simulation workflow, we can make more informed decisions and illustrate these issues for our clients. The key is to understand how CFD results translate into real-world metrics in terms of thermal comfort and energy. And, ultimately how the value of each strategy compares to other high-performance investment opportunities. This case-study class focuses on one simple example: using CFD to compare finned-tube perimeter heat to radiant ceiling panels in a typical private office. Our class outlines not only the specific steps of the CFD modeling process, but also how this process fits into the overall energy-performance optimization trajectory for the project.

    Key Learnings

    • Integrate CFD modeling into the design, optimization, and energy-simulation process for your projects
    • List the steps involved in performing a CFD model
    • Identify the key parameters that influence thermal comfort and pose potential solutions
    • Use results from CFD modeling to make informed decisions