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CAD Manager's Guide: Using Tool Palettes to Manage Standards and Configuration
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Ever wonder if there's an easier way to ensure that all drawing production staff members have equal access to the company's CAD standards? This class will be an overview of a variety of configuration, productivity, and management solutions that you can deploy using AutoCAD software's Tool Palettes. Tool Palettes should not be limited to sourcing warehoused block/symbol libraries; they can also facilitate company-specific CAD software configurations, along with a multitude of other tools, to assist CAD managers with the elimination of inconsistencies across workstations, projects, and even offices. Tool Palettes can easily become the "one-stop shop" for sourcing preconfigured, controlled content, and the mechanism to configure AutoCAD-based software for the required environment. There will be additional discussions on quick access for discipline- and project-specific toolsets, including troubleshooting/support tools, through the use of "live" tool palettes.

Key Learnings

  • Learn how to become more productive and efficient in managing your company’s CAD standards package
  • Eliminate inconsistencies across workstation configurations
  • Learn how to create company-wide tool-palette sets that are automatically updated when content is added or modified
  • Learn best practices for discipline- and project-specific tool palettes, including troubleshooting, support, tips, and tricks




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