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    Due to the unique complexity of heavy industry environments, laser scanning has become the staple starting point for the record of as-built conditions to enable engineers and technicians to begin to make sense of the projects they are presented with. Autodesk ReCap and the point cloud support within the AutoCAD environment have been instrumental in enabling designers to begin their work with an accurate understanding of existing conditions; however, the conversion to an intelligent pipework model or steelwork fabrication drawing has remained a highly manual process. Using the point cloud extraction functions available with the FARO As Built for AutoCAD plugin, this Hands-on Lab will take attendees through a step-by-step process of managing the data from heavy industry environments and converting this into intelligent Plant 3D and Advanced Steel geometry. Specific tools will focus on pipework geometry extraction, steelwork geometry extraction, tie-in point extraction, mapping spec sheets, isometric creation, tank volumes and analysis, and much more.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to create pipework isometrics from point clouds, fast
    • Understand how to extract steelwork geometry directly to Advanced Steel format, for quick and efficient fabrication drawings
    • Extract highly accurate tie-in points from point clouds for new piping designs in Plant 3D
    • Create accurate tank models, volume computation, and deviation analysis