Lecture    RC6768
As-Built to BIM: Detailed Reality Computing for Revit
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This class will review effective methods for modeling point cloud data within Revit software. Learn how easy it is to explore and manage point clouds with ReCap software and prepare the data for work inside Revit software. In Revit software you'll discover various methods for extracting intelligent 3D elements from billions of points. Demonstrations will include effective practices you can use for dealing with project coordinates, separating point cloud regions, representing the data in various styles, and extracting 3D geometry from the scan data. A major focus of the demonstration will be the generation of new family content (such as windows or doors) from laser scans. Learn effective practices for creating various shapes, as-built components, family objects, and more. This session will familiarize you with the most comprehensive point cloud and modeling methods in Revit software, and you will learn how to improve your daily workflow with third-party software.

Key Learnings

  • Understand the full process, from field to BIM model
  • Learn how to insert, manage, and crop point clouds in Revit software
  • Learn how to create custom families and components from scan data
  • Learn how to apply an effective workflow to create any shape desired for building elements


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