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Building Functional 3d-Printable Lab Equipment Using Fusion 360

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    This class is based on FATHOM’s experience using Fusion 360 software to design a complex, functional, 3D-printable piece of lab equipment—a cloud-connected microbiological culture incubator called Crucible that’s capable of simulating extremophile environments. After a brief introduction to the project and its challenging requirements, we’ll dive into structuring designs that have powerful timelines, yet are conducive to successive design revisions by a large distributed engineering team. We will also explore how the final look of the product relates to the constraints of 3D printing and the importance of self-supporting geometry. Finally, we’ll discuss why and how we created a slicer for fused deposition modeling (FDM) printers inside of Fusion 360 software. This session features Fusion 360.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to breakdown complex products into compose-able, 3D-printable designs
    • Learn how to design air-tight parts and thermal insulation compatible with FDM printers
    • Learn how to stream sensor and log data to Data360 for visualization
    • Learn how to create scripts to automate complex design workflows and generate toolpaths for FDM printers