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Bringing Your Ideas to Life: Creating Photorealistic Renderings Using AutoCAD® 2013

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    This class covers the essentials of producing photorealistic renderings of your designs using AutoCAD® software. The class will cover a typical workflow that you can use to create a quality rendering. We will start by creating a saved 3D perspective view of our design. Next, we will discuss the creation and application of general-purpose light sources. You will learn how to add life to your design by applying several of the stock materials pre-installed with AutoCAD. Afterward, we will look at how to edit materials to suit our needs as well as how to create custom materials from scratch. We will also explore how we can create decal-like photographic materials and map them predictably to our objects. Finally, we will learn how to render our images to the screen or to a file while looking at several tips and tricks along the way.

    Key Learnings

    • Apply stock materials and create custom materials
    • Save renderings as high-resolution images
    • Take full advantage of existing AutoCAD skills to begin producing photorealistic images
    • Illuminate a model using multiple examples of real-world light sources