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Bridging the Gap in Generative Design Workflows

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    During Autodesk University 2019, we saw many applications of Autodesk’s generative design features. Most of them shared one common feature: the final model was heavily modified from the generated shape. Adapting the generative design outcome for production and meeting usage requirements—sometimes sophisticated—is the most time-consuming and problematic task. Although this topic raises doubts and ambiguities, it seems to be largely overlooked and insufficiently explained. It's like a bottleneck in a smooth generative-design workflow—like a gap between an excellent generative solver and many established manufacturing methods. We want to bridge this gap and comprehensively address this issue for anyone working with or interested in generative design. By better understanding the solver, knowing the restrictions in manufacturing, and discovering right techniques, you can not only post process an outcome faster, but even generate it smarter to have a production-ready model that meets all expectations!

    Key Learnings

    • Get familiar with the generative design solver.
    • Learn how to strengthen your generative design awareness.
    • Learn how to effectively prepare and validate design.
    • Learn how to avoid common generative design mistakes.