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Bridging the Diversity Gap Through Inclusion and Belonging

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    Overall the last couple of years, many AEC industry companies started to take a serious look at Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I) initiatives. While there have been many positive strives to increase diversity, how have we been doing with improving inclusion in the industry? This session will consist of a panel of industry professionals in construction and technology who will share their perspectives and insights on how inclusion and belonging will bridge the diversity gap. The topics of focus include why building a sense of community and belonging is essential in any DE&I initiative, and steps you can take to cultivate a culture of equity and inclusion. The panelists will take us through their journeys and share stories of leading DE&I initiatives in their organizations and communities. We will also discuss how to overcome challenges in creating a safe space for minorities, especially women of color, to feel a sense of belonging.

    Key Learnings

    • Why the feeling of belonging is the essence of inclusion
    • How to cultivate inclusion by connecting with people in a social and professional way
    • How to overcome challenges of driving change through inclusion and belonging
    • Understand the importance of inclusion in the workplace through the experiences of others