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Blockchain Automation: Enhancing the AEC Industry Ecosystem

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    The architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) industry is heading toward Industry 4.0, and blockchain is one of the emerging technologies that could increase transparency and accountability to enhance industry productivity, quality, and profitability. Blockchain empowers firms to digitize transaction workflows, and enables the execution of business processes across multiple organizations where trust may be lacking. As technology, blockchain is relevant for the AEC industry if it can solve challenges in a more efficient, better way than other technologies. Therefore, this class will share insights about: Why blockchain? What are the wished effects in the AEC industry? Who could own and maintain the blockchain network? What are the main challenges for adopting blockchain? Furthermore, we’ll explore several case studies where blockchain can bring value to the construction industry. So, more transparency, trust, higher quality, and productivity could be achieved in the AEC network.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover blockchain technology for AEC professionals
    • Identify AEC ecosystem readiness for blockchain adoption
    • Explore study cases where blockchain can bring value for the AEC industry in a more efficient way than other technologies
    • Learn about blockchain insights for the future of AEC industry