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Beyond the Pixel: Pitching Visualization Creatively

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    In the world of architectural visualization, pretty pictures are no longer sufficient. The expectations of our clients—including architects, developers and real estate marketing agencies—are driven by those of their main audiences: end-users and decision-makers who are accustomed to being captivated by content that not only looks compelling, but also connects with them on an emotional level. Whether communicating the vision for a large mixed-use master plan or capturing the intricacies of material and detail in a private residence, the story behind each pixel is essential. In this talk we will delve into the art of developing and pitching creative with particular focus on architectural visualization. We will offer a look at how Neoscape, Inc., has been developing creative for both still imagery and film for the past 20 years. Following this, we will open up a general discussion on the value of creative, sources of inspiration, clients’ needs, and much more.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to develop a creative brief and understand why you need one
    • Learn how to understand your audiences and their trigger points
    • Discover where (and when) to seek inspiration
    • Learn how to prepare and present a creative pitch