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Beyond One Gender – The Power of Diversity & Inclusion

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    Follow the journey of 5 different AEC professionals as they navigated their careers in BIM, the challenges they faced, and the impacts they have made. Learn how they developed their skills to transition from typical AEC professionals into the tech side of BIM. This discussion will show how a diverse strategy can improve corporate culture, business success, and ultimately the bottom line. Topics of discussion will include: mentorship, burnout, diversity, equality, parenthood, work-life balance, and inclusion.

    Key Learnings

    • Showcase how diversity can successfully impact corporate culture.
    • Compare different journeys and understand how to navigate the world of BIM as a woman.
    • Identify how the evolution of technology enabled us to positively impact the diversity and inclusion of our workforce.
    • Create a culture to build confidence and support equality to re-shape the way we work.