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Beyond the Chips
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Too often we focus on just one aspect of manufacturing, such as CAM toolpaths. All CAM software can produce CAM toolpaths. This class will look at the manufacturing aspects that Fusion 360 software brings beyond creating toolpaths—things competitors can’t do, or aren’t very good at doing. From integrated CAM that updates when model geometry changes, to prepping models and doing accurate simulations of not only the stock, but also the whole machine work area—this class will look beyond simply adding toolpaths to a part.

Key Learnings

  • Learn how to replicate the machining environment with machine tables, vises, and work-holding components
  • Learn how to use Fusion 360 software’s direct modeling environment and derive command to prepare models for machining
  • Learn how to create a parametric vise from a downloaded step file using joints, as-built joints, and parameters
  • Learn how to create custom joint origins to a part that is to be machined to aid in the placement of a vise in the design file




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